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August 18, 2010


"The Lessons we learn are the People we meet..."


Stepping towards us out of the darkness is the story’s ‘antagonist’ – DR MAGUS (50’ish) – with a slender, hawkish face, receding hairline, and graying temples.  We see him from waist/lower-chest up, lit by a harsh and creepy spotlight from below.  He is wearing a tattered black suitcoat (or dark tweed) with rips and cuts in it, as if from a struggle.  The white dress shirt underneath is torn open, and stained with sweat and splotches of BLOOD.

Wrapped and hanging around his neck – where a tie would normally be – is a HEAVY CHAIN.  There is a fat PADLOCK where the tie’s ‘knot’ would sit.  His hands are raised and adjusting the ‘knot’; it’s as if he’s looking in a mirror and fixing his tie, preparing to go to work.  His hands are covered in fresh CUTS, like the work of animal’s claws or a woman’s fingernails.

Magus is wearing thin-rimmed GLASSES, whose reflection almost hides his piercing black eyes.  The lenses have small jagged CRACKS in them, and we can see the reflection of FIRE in the glass.  He is arching an eyebrow slightly with a COLD SMILE – it is a look of power and certainty and psychological danger; this is a man who has nothing left to lose…

and he likes it that way.



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  1. August 18, 2010

    Oh, this is someone who desperately needs to be utilized in a movie!


  2. Diana #
    August 19, 2010

    …tip..toe..tip..toe out..silently, without leaving a trace..without understanding a thing..Magus? as in The Magician? one here just sees a shadow that does not match the head and it still looks like the chain is made of hot dogs..malevolent?….well, even that is not so clear..his eyes are REALLY smiling..Aye..confusing drawing..
    I should not have opened this door.
    The Magician is only afraid to be held fail. And that does not clarify my clueless mind..


  3. August 19, 2010

    Interesting comments, D – you may actually be on to something 😉


  4. b #
    August 19, 2010

    the great evil in the eyes stems from their smiling; its as if the view of a thousand fresh corpses brings him to perverted pleasure.



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