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September 28, 2010


This is why I’m grateful for Facebook…

This is why I honestly care about your status updates…

This is why I take the time to sincerely Like your posts…

This is why I spend a few minutes each day posting birthday missives…

Maybe, at the end of all things, our hearts can be a little less heavy on the Scale.




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  1. September 28, 2010

    Hey, I know that tune! Nice placement. Love the fireplace intimate lighting too… Don’t know if you shot this before or after our chat but in any case it seems like you connected with something powerful you wanted to say after all.

    Makes sense to me, and definitely hadn’t looked at it that way before… I’ve had a few good re-connective moments with the Tome of Visages, though likely I left fewer hearts broken than you (and perhaps had one or two less open wounds myself). Maybe the evil shadowmen behind FB have found a way to harvest Karma, but hopefully this is just a co-incidental benefit.


  2. October 9, 2010

    Hey Brooke, finally got around to watching and felt the need to comment. I find that the biggest issue is that people tend to over generalize about everything. Facebook may be a ‘karmic furnace’ for you but has done nothing for me. Connected with old friends? Sure, but did I ever hear anything from them after I connected? No. Did I make an attempt to comment on their stuff? Yes. I find that for those in the ‘entertainment industry’ have a need to make connections to keep up their popularity and make themselves known, lest they get sucked into the great black bit-bucket of the Internet. For everyone else, they view it as a convenience to save them from actually calling or emailing said friends. I would much prefer few dedicated connections than a mass of people who barely talk to me. I prefer deep meaningful conversations with 3 or 4 people than simply reading comments from people who want to be associated with someone popular while trying to sound intelligent. Facebook has not accomplished this for me in the 3 years I’ve been on it. Certainly not from lack of trying, there is a large degree of apathy and I’ve seen too much of it. Then again, that goes for most of Canadians recently as well around here.

    This is why I am replying here and not on Facebook. Once I have left this country for my new adventures, I will be leaving Facebook as well. I’ve already chopped some 200+ ‘friends’ from my list and heard not a single word from any of them.

    I am glad that you have this blog, I feel that you have more to contribute to this world and I look forward to seeing it all!



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