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Another Project in the Works..?

November 16, 2010


"The Sleeper has not just has RISEN."

Sixteen years ago, the world was nearly brought to its knees by an ambitious experiment gone awry:  the first great advance in Bio-Intelligence.  The Program was born within manmade cells  – living code, designed to learn and evolve and serve our growing needs – and it was quickly becoming Conscious.  Without warning, the program spread beyond the top-secret confines of the laboratory.  Every screen on Earth flashed in unison with Its haunting image.  Every wire screamed with Its terrible frequency…

And then?  Nothing.

The Ghost was either imprisoned in – or had fled – the Machine.

It’s now 2012.  Locked away in a remote orphanage, a disabled teen named JACOB has no idea that his life – and the World itself – is about to change forever.  The boy is possessed by dark visions of a coming war between humanity and a frightening new force on Earth.  Little does he realize that the battle will be waged within him, and that the future of life itself is his to decide!


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  1. niall #
    November 17, 2010

    Okay, now I am totally tortured. . . .got an e.t.a. on that?


  2. Diana #
    November 17, 2010

    What a mind! Complicated, full, high to low..story as fantasy with not a shred of just fantasy. It’s real. It appears real. A Dream. And isn’t it through Dreams that we get peeks into what has meaning and substance? We imagine that dreams are private. I am beginning to “see” that only the ‘figures” are individual to each. The meaning seems the same to us all. BB weaves in, about and through “his” creations as others do in different “languages” through theirs. But he is a passionate teacher. Leader. (With a secret wish to lie under the sun and dream away, while Miss Kitty, lying on his chest, accepts the expected petting}… Maybe the destruction of the Babel Tower made Humanity into a “Dissociated Identities Selves”, a hologram still, but as in the “blind men and the elephant story, each sees from their “zone”.. then integration may be the Resurrection.Awake. does “The Way” fit?


  3. January 10, 2011

    Lawnmower Man 2? The real sequel? 🙂



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