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PLATFORM:  Feature Film

GENRE:  Contemporary Sci-Fi


LOGLINE:  Sheltered in a remote orphanage, a disabled teen (JACOB PRICE – 16) has terrifying visions of a technological apocalypse.  Little does he realize that the real battle will be waged within his very cells…and that the future of the human race will be HIS to decide.

With an original short story treatment, multi-stage development financing from Telefilm Canada and Saskfilm was secured for this teen sci-fi high concept.  Reminiscent of ‘thinking man’ cult hits including The Lawnmower Man, The Matrix, and Chronicle,  three (3) screenplay drafts have been successfully completed and reviewed by major distributors.  You can view the digital pitch package here, which includes some sweet concept art by David Cameron Sloan. UPDATE: Or check out the motion-comic proof-of-concept right here!




TIMELINE:  2010 – 2011

PLATFORM(S):  Web, Videogame

GENRE:  Animated Children’s content (stop-motion)

CLIENT:  Karma Film

I was contracted to implement a ground-floor imagining of the design, interactive narrative, production management, and creative direction for a multi-pronged digital experience for this beloved Gemini Award-winning stop-motion animated children’s series.

  • Designed user experience and overall media campaign strategy
  • Produced/directed all in-studio production, technical assets, and audio/visual contributions
  • Steered marketing strategy and ensured overall project timeline/budget adherence
  • Secured additional national funding for ‘PHASE 2’ of the web experience:  a Mariokart-inspired videogame, featuring hundreds of unique series characters and assets.
  • Designed, produced and directed the game – Wapos Racerz to completion with my recommended development team.
  • Consulted on production and design for the Wapos Bay iPAD experience, now available!

Experience the heart-warming world of Wapos Bay HERE.  (Flash required)

THE WAY: A True-Love Story


TIMELINE:  2008 – 2010

PLATFORM(S):  Web, Feature Film

GENRE:  Drama / Romance / Inspirational

CLIENT:  In-House IP


With The Way, I combined personal journals and historical research to create the screenplay, campaign design, and marketing strategy for an original romantic-drama feature film set on the famed Spanish pilgrimage trail: Santiago De Compostella.

For a complete background on the project, including interactive ‘tour’ (FLASH required), shooting specs, budget, and marketing strategy, CLICK HERE.

HELLBOY 2: The Golden Army


TIMELINE:  Fall 2007 – Summer 2008

PLATFORM(S):  Web, Mobile

GENRE:  Animation / Motion Comic

CLIENT:  Universal Pictures (Digital)


Contracted to produce and direct two (2) animated motion comic shorts for Universal Pictures and Dark Horse Entertainment in support of director Guillermo Del Toro‟s $80M comic book fantasy sequel.

  • Team hiring, management, budget, and scheduling
  • Overall creative direction and consulting
  • Sound design and music direction
  • Casting and ADR


SAMPLE 1:  The Prologue




PLATFORM(S):  Web, Mobile

GENRE:  Animation / Motion Comic

CLIENT:  Warner Premiere (WB)

Contracted to helm 4 animated short films for Warner Bros and Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment to promote the $200M sci-fi feature online, and support the mobile and home video campaigns.

  • Overall creative direction/consulting
  • Sound Design and Soundtrack direction
  • Casting and ADR Direction
  • Worked within tight schedules, budgets, and production parameters set out by partners at The Sequence Group.





TIMELINE:  2007-2008

PLATFORM(S):  Web, TV/Film Treatment

GENRE:  Animation (sci-fi fantasy)

CLIENT:  Illuminated LLC

Narrative and character consultation for an original animated IP being designed for transmedia implementation on web, mobile, TV, and feature film platforms.  Targeted as an international co-production, with a core demographic similar to that of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Collaborating with heavy-hitter creatives from the Pod Collective,, and GNN, I was tasked with crafting the original character and multi-season outlines, episodic structure, and streamlined animated film narrative arc.




Lead producer and creative director of an original IP foray into interactive graphic literature and an award-winning international DVD set (FOX). Hands-on direction and realisation of brand identity, style, music/audio design, and multi-platform execution. Concept creation, character development, plot advancement, dialogue, and cinematic sensibilities were harnessed to create a revolutionary experience on the web. Grassroots marketing strategy reached millions worldwide, and included features in WIRED Magazine, USA TODAY, The GUARDIAN, CBC, G4, CNN, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, and many more.





  • Contracted to create 5 distinct personalities/speech-styles for this million+ selling videogame franchise
  • Thousands of lines of dialogue created, and recorded by the likes of Billy Zane, Macy Gray, and Oliver Platt.
  • Consulted to improve execution of speech within the software’s design parameters.


  • Created and adapted near 10000 lines of Japanese period dialogue for the localized version of Koei’s hit warfare sim in the style of Akira Kurosawa’s RAN.
  • Casting, voice direction, scene interpretation, and on-the-fly rewrites for 3 hours+ of cutscenes.
  • Full research of the historical period (feudal Japan) for the sake of atmosphere and accuracy.

 BOND Racing

  • Crafted an original storyline for this new gaming franchise, based upon established film mythology.
  • Designed multiple cinema sequences, scripted hundreds of lines of dialogue and created 7 original characters.
  • Made alterations/improvements to game design (including the creation of new missions) within platform/game engine/development parameters (PSX and PS2)

NEED FOR SPEED (multiple)

  • design, script-writing, cinema sequences, voice direction, marketing consults, and quality assurance on multiple titles in this renowned gaming franchise.

The Future of Love..?

March 21, 2012


Gamers Get Girls
Created by: Online University