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  • Contracted to create 5 distinct personalities/speech-styles for this million+ selling videogame franchise
  • Thousands of lines of dialogue created, and recorded by the likes of Billy Zane, Macy Gray, and Oliver Platt.
  • Consulted to improve execution of speech within the software’s design parameters.


  • Created and adapted near 10000 lines of Japanese period dialogue for the localized version of Koei’s hit warfare sim in the style of Akira Kurosawa’s RAN.
  • Casting, voice direction, scene interpretation, and on-the-fly rewrites for 3 hours+ of cutscenes.
  • Full research of the historical period (feudal Japan) for the sake of atmosphere and accuracy.

 BOND Racing

  • Crafted an original storyline for this new gaming franchise, based upon established film mythology.
  • Designed multiple cinema sequences, scripted hundreds of lines of dialogue and created 7 original characters.
  • Made alterations/improvements to game design (including the creation of new missions) within platform/game engine/development parameters (PSX and PS2)

NEED FOR SPEED (multiple)

  • design, script-writing, cinema sequences, voice direction, marketing consults, and quality assurance on multiple titles in this renowned gaming franchise.
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