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April 19, 2012


Ridley Scott’s triumphant return to scifi – PROMETHEUS – is almost upon us, and the viral campaign is in full swing!

Last month, we were brilliantly teased with a TED talk…from the future:

This laid the foundation for the film’s mysterious Weyland Industries, and the prime directive of its founder.  And now?  We get to see a (compelling) example of ‘real world’ corporate branding, philosophy, and engineering:

This seems like a natural evolution of WB’s ‘corporate web’ campaign for AI, and what Bad Robot tried to do with the Hanso Foundation/Dharma Initiative sites for LOST.

Consider me intrigued…and my calendar marked.


April 9, 2012


As promised, it’s time for our first Transmedia Case Study (TCS).  In this bi-weekly series, I’ll be digging into a recognizable Big Media property – a major film, broadcast TV show, published book series, AAA videogame, popular comic book, indy/cult hit, or even a beloved consumer brand – and evaluating the effectiveness of its transmedia campaign.  To get things rolling, let’s start with an example of transmedia done right.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…GAME OF THRONES.

It’s a property close to my heart.  I read the first book in the early 90’s, and George R.R Martin’s fascinating tale of political intrigue, medieval warfare, and ‘mature fantasy’ captured me in its singular gravity.  Sadly, ‘life’ got in the way (as it so often does), and with no widespread Internets to keep abreast of series developments, A Song of Ice and Fire fell off the narrative radar.  But my time in Westeros would not be forgotten…

Flash-forward nearly 20 years.

I caught wind of the show going into development at HBO in 2007.  My biggest concern – you know, aside from the obvious ‘How the Hell are they going to pull off the sheer scope on TV???’ – was with audience awareness.  Sure, the books were best-sellers – and ‘fantasy’ had gotten a much-needed boost thanks to Tolkien going mainstream – but what about the masses? How were they going to reach the kind of audience numbers that would keep a show like this on the air, justify the hefty per-episode budgets, and make it must-see appointment television?

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April 9, 2012


It’s totally worth hopping into the Way-Back Machine – 1991, no less! – to witness comedic deity JOHN CLEESE discuss the Origins of Creativity.   In 30 minutes, he digs into the psyche’s soil to examine an individual’s creative process, group-think and collaboration, and offers more than a few shiny nuggets of sage advice.

(though I must admit…I kept expecting a moose to appear somewhere in the Scandinavian subtitles 😉 )


April 8, 2012


The following strip was floated on a pal’s Facebook this morning:

The glorious absurdity of it immediately struck me, so I made a playful (yet completely throwaway) comment, as I often do when cat wackiness is involved.

Within a few hours, some of my friends were commenting on the picture – one which I hadn’t officially ‘shared’ yet.  Another friend one-upped the absurdity quotient by saying, “This needs to be a religion…”.  I joked back that it would make the perfect stained glass window in our future church.

A few hours later, an old associate from my game industry days posted this:

Mind = Blown.

And immediately, I smell a meme.

We’ll see where this goes…

TRANSMEDIA: Cutting the Gem

April 4, 2012


Welcome to the inaugural instalment of what I hope will be a bi-weekly feature here on the revamped blog: TCS (Transmedia Case Study).  The plan is to examine the presence/branding of various major media properties, and how they’ve fared in their attempts to tap into the brave new world of modern narrative and promotion.  But before diving into our first case study in the post to follow, I think we need a quick primer…

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