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GREY SEAL: An Indie Graphic Novel Project that Deserves Your Attention!

May 8, 2012


Calling all (fellow) geeks!

Above you’ll find the Indiegogo video pitch for my friend Nastasha Baron’s graphic novel GREY SEAL.  This talented local producer is finally pulling back the curtain and letting everyone in on what’s been brewing for many months now.  I’ve been following developments since the early days, and offered some narrative and branding advice where appropriate; now, they’re more than half finished the 5-issue epic, but really need our help to complete the saga and share it with the world.

Click here for all the juicy info, and please SHARE the fundraising campaign with your friends and networks.  This is a true passion project for Nastasha, and the story’s themes touch on exciting territory that fans of FRINGE, PROMETHEUS, and GRAHAM HANCOCK (Fingerprints of the Gods) can really sink their teeth into.

Thanks in advance for your help, and stay tuned to this space for regular updates concerning Grey Seal and its transmedia evolution!



May 3, 2012


Welcome to the latest instalment in my new Transmedia Case Study series, where we examine the triumphs and epic fails in executing a Big Media property across multiple platforms.   In the inaugural feature, we were treated to an example of transmedia done right – so now it only makes sense to balance the scales and give perspective on how an intellectual property (IP) rich with potential can both fall flat, and miss out on some major TM opportunities…

For me, this was a heartbreaker.  I’ve made no secret for my love of all things GREEN LANTERN. I was raised on the character, weaned on the socially conscious Lantern/Arrow era of the 70s, and the goofy Challenge of the Superfriends show in the early 80s:

I’d never be a tortured billionaire playboy.  The odds of being bitten by a radioactive insect in the Big Apple were astronomically against.   And, though adopted, I’m pretty sure my cultural roots don’t reach across the stars to the House of El.

But I had willpower…and the potential to overcome great fear…and dreams of being a part something greater than myself.

It appears I wasn’t alone.

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