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‘BECOMING’ to Premiere at SDCC this week!!!

July 9, 2012


If you’re one of the lucky ‘few’ (ie: 180,000 genre fans and professionals) making the pilgrimage to San Diego this week for Comic Con, be sure to drop by Booth # 2415 and scope out the advance release of my new graphic novel:  BECOMING.

96 Pages.  Two years in the making.  And only 50 copies available!!!

After the big show, Arcana will be releasing the book digitally (for tablets and mobiles) in three acts between August and November, with print versions hitting Amazon and major retailers before Thanksgiving.  So be sure to watch this space for the latest scoops, interviews, and reviews from around the WWW, and spread the good word 🙂

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  1. Diana H. Bluestone #
    July 11, 2012

    Becoming left me waiting in unsettling suspense for the ‘rest of the story’ as if young Price’s relief at the end, was just a wishful daydream. I am still waiting for the epilogue I may have missed, or the reason for the explosion seen but not yet heard…..The scene between teacher and student is too intense compared to the short fairy tale-like ending. The story itself is gripping to the point I was initially unable to appreciate the wonderful art and graphic story involved in its execution. That, in itself is a tribute to Becoming… and still in suspense, I wait for the noise of thunder…



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