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December 7, 2014


Happy December, kittens and cats!

With the Holy-days in full swing, it felt like high time for a wee creative break from all things bookish…you know…at least until the Boxing Day deals kick in.

I’ve been a fan of spoken word pieces for a few years now — good storytelling is good storytelling, and it ain’t useful being a slave to format or genre.  But truthfully?  I’ve never had to guts to perform one live.  Live audiences can be insanely hard to impress, particularly when you have a world champion spitting hot truth in your backyard.

Still, the itch remained.


I’ve been quietly nurturing a vid channel for a while now; mostly it’s for short films and animations, trailers, and the odd caffeinated rant, and subscribers seem to dig it.  But now, thanks to some solitude, a little tech, WWW image searches, and a pair of mirrored shades..?

It time to get slammy.

There are currently three pieces live.  I hope to post a new one monthly throughout 2015.  Sure…I won’t be approaching Epic Rap Battle’s turf anytime soon…but, if this thing catches on, I’ll (eagerly) begin taking topic requests.  Huzzah.

Peace on Earth, and goodwill to Men…and Women…and furred and feathered friends.



IN DEVELOPMENT: Dance of the White Tiger!

January 24, 2013


A belated Happy 2013, one and all!  Another year brings a firm resolve, fresh inspiration, and exciting new projects to share.  I’ve been teasing feature film developments for what seems like an age, and with the challenges inherent to raising capital in the world of indie film, it’s high time to attempt a more traditional narrative.  Something with multi-quadrant audience appeal, international market support, and potential franchiseabilityOne of those rare industry blips where the rewards clearly outweigh the risks.  And, it should go without saying by now, something with multiplatform aspirations carved into its atomic structure from conception.

A little over two years ago, I committed to a ‘work vacation’.  It was to be an exotic change of scene, with the hopes of finishing the first draft of a Telefilm-funded screenplay I had pitched, and getting my physical health in line after years of late nights, table-sized Canadian portions, and ungodly levels of caffeine and sugar.

I would end up choosing Thailand.  And, for two incredible months, I would write…and learn the ways of Muay Thai. 

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‘RISEN’ : A Transmedia Strategy Overview

November 21, 2012


Apologies for the stretch of incommunicado, folks – I blame it on a frenzied mix of travel, research, and project launches – but I wanted to keep you posted on what’s baking in the transmedia oven.

You might’ve noticed a feature I have in development in the PROJECTS section called Risen.  Well, it’s still very much alive;  there’s a third draft of the screenplay nearing completion, a graphic novel ‘package’ with artist attached, and cross-platform strategizing fully in progress.   And now, you can peer behind the proverbial curtain and see some of the lever and pulley action that goes into prepping an original IP for the transmedia stage.


At a remote mountain sanctuary, a disabled orphan receives a revolutionary implant to restore his health.  But when the young man finds himself able to manipulate the digital world with his mind?  Then it’s a race for answers – and for civilization itself – against rogue military, an obsessed scientist, and the terrifying Consciousness awakening within him.

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PLATFORM:  Graphic Novel (96 pages)

GENRE:  Psychological Thriller / Horror

CLIENT:  In-House IP / Arcana Comics

Featuring the pencil and inking talents of hot newcomer Dane Cypel, the rich colour palette of Sara Machajewski, and based on an original concept by rising genre star Curry HitchbornBECOMING is my return to graphic novel storytelling after completing the original version of Broken Saints in 2003!


When a troubled student at a remote university challenges his professor to share his ‘secret knowledge’, he is drawn into a horrifying game of life and death.  To play, he will learn that the only rule is PAIN, and that the only key to salvation is the desire to KNOW…and the WILL to overcome.  


(*trailer features original music by yours truly and Tobias Tinker – cut and conceived by BB)




PLATFORM:  Feature Film

GENRE:  Contemporary Sci-Fi


LOGLINE:  Sheltered in a remote orphanage, a disabled teen (JACOB PRICE – 16) has terrifying visions of a technological apocalypse.  Little does he realize that the real battle will be waged within his very cells…and that the future of the human race will be HIS to decide.

With an original short story treatment, multi-stage development financing from Telefilm Canada and Saskfilm was secured for this teen sci-fi high concept.  Reminiscent of ‘thinking man’ cult hits including The Lawnmower Man, The Matrix, and Chronicle,  three (3) screenplay drafts have been successfully completed and reviewed by major distributors.  You can view the digital pitch package here, which includes some sweet concept art by David Cameron Sloan. UPDATE: Or check out the motion-comic proof-of-concept right here!


A Low-Res Daydream

February 12, 2011


Stuck with a shitty camera in a beautiful location?

Just grab some trance-y tunes (MOBY is always a strong contender), add some trippy filters (iMovie’s ‘Romantic’ comes to mind), muck about with shot timings (x20 speed?  Why the hell not!), and voila: call it a Dream Sequence!

Hey…it worked for David Lynch on Inland Empire 😛

Another Project in the Works..?

November 16, 2010


"The Sleeper has not just has RISEN."

Sixteen years ago, the world was nearly brought to its knees by an ambitious experiment gone awry:  the first great advance in Bio-Intelligence.  The Program was born within manmade cells  – living code, designed to learn and evolve and serve our growing needs – and it was quickly becoming Conscious.  Without warning, the program spread beyond the top-secret confines of the laboratory.  Every screen on Earth flashed in unison with Its haunting image.  Every wire screamed with Its terrible frequency…

And then?  Nothing.

The Ghost was either imprisoned in – or had fled – the Machine.

It’s now 2012.  Locked away in a remote orphanage, a disabled teen named JACOB has no idea that his life – and the World itself – is about to change forever.  The boy is possessed by dark visions of a coming war between humanity and a frightening new force on Earth.  Little does he realize that the battle will be waged within him, and that the future of life itself is his to decide!


August 13, 2010


Turn out the lights…

Slide on some headphones…

Click the 720p HD version…

And breathe…

Sweet dreams.


July 18, 2010


In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night...they'd better have that damn script TIGHT!

GREEN LANTERN was my childhood hero.  Everyone else argued over the superiority of the Big 3 – SUPERMAN (’cause he could punch the Sun), SPIDERMAN (’cause he had the best cartoon), and BATMAN (’cause he was a filthy-rich sociopath with crazy toys).  Meanwhile, I worshipped the cocky, womanizing jet pilot with the magic ring given to him by a dying alien from a cosmic police force.  Yeah…I was weird kid.  Surprised?

Looking back, GL’s deeper appeal was clear – he was the first spiritual superhero.   Consider this:  he is given the gift/burden of near-infinite Cosmic Energy – GREEN Energy (think which chakra that corresponds to, kidlets) – and has the power to manifest any construct he can think of.  Anything.  And his only limitations?   Imagination…and the ability to overcome Fear.

So, essentially…fuck The Secret.

Because of my deep love and respect for the character – as well as the obvious evolutionary path of the ‘comic book movie’ thanks to increasingly photorealistic CG – a Green Lantern pitch was the first ‘spec’ treatment I ever wrote.   I did it purely for ‘fun’, and had no idea if I’d ever share it with anyone, let alone ‘Very Important People’.   Now, I often joked (and still do) with fellow creatives that, for me, writing is like taking an extremely large bowel movement filled with long shards of glass (and, before I have a chance to heal, I’m inevitably forced back on the crapper).  But you know what?  Minus the usual self-imposed pressure, writing that bad-boy was honestly easy. Like a summer breeze.  No intestinal damage whatsoever.

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July 5, 2010


Follow the your Heart...and you will find It.

Working on another draft this month…

Should have more to talk about by summer’s end…

But if I’ve learned anything from my time on the prairies, it’s the age-old lesson regarding eggs and baskets…

The Way is one of five projects currently in development.

Smoke on that…and enjoy your summer 8)

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