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New Season. New Game. New Site!!!

September 16, 2016



It’s a new dawn

It’s a new day

It’s a new life for me

And I’m feelin’ Good.


The old is taking a bow, and a young upstart is stepping into the spotlight…

Clear your caches, refresh your browsers, and feast your eyes and ears on it…

Because a new website is here!

If you’re an oldschool follower, the techno-shamans will transfer you soon. Goat sacrifices may or may not be necessary.

Look for the spiffy SUBSCRIBE pop-up — your email automatically enters you into random prize draws.

Have fun, and be sure to scope all the new posts, projects, vids, and other sweet surprises.

Thanks for sticking with me.




July 5, 2010


Follow the your Heart...and you will find It.

Working on another draft this month…

Should have more to talk about by summer’s end…

But if I’ve learned anything from my time on the prairies, it’s the age-old lesson regarding eggs and baskets…

The Way is one of five projects currently in development.

Smoke on that…and enjoy your summer 8)